Power for Today

I Will Remember Them No More

Hebrews 8 (NIV)

“I, even I, am He that blotteth out they transgressions.” (Isaiah 43:25, KJV)

A friend of many people in our small town died. She had been a supporter of the church and a pillar of our congregation. She always had a smile and was cheerful in spite of her various pains.

She had adopted her granddaughter, raised her, then took this granddaughter’s handicapped child and partially raised her. She care for and sat with numerous sick and old people.

At her funeral the preacher, with a lump in his throat, mentioned these good deeds and then said, “She wasn’t perfect, she had faults, but right now I don’t remember any.”

God tells us that if His laws are in our hearts and minds and if we obey them, He will remember our sins no more - just as the preacher could no longer remember this lady’s faults at her death.

        I say we are wound
        With mercy round and round
        As if with air.
        - Hopkins

We thank You, dear Heavenly Father, that we can be continually cleansed of our sins by Your Son’s blood, through obedience to His will. In Christ’s name. Amen.
- LISABETH FOSTER, Tuscumbia, Alabama