Power for Today

Only One Thing Is Needed

Luke 10 (NIV)

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be given to you.” (Matthew 6:33, NIV)

Recently, my wife and I bought our oldest son a “high-tech” camera for his birthday. I am uneasy and unfamiliar with all of its gadgets. However, it has one feature I treasure... auto focus. If you’re like me, you probably have more than your share of out-of-focus family photos. Focus is certainly important when it comes to photography.

Focus is also important when it comes to life. How’s your schedule today? Is your calendar filled to the rim and overflowing with activities clamoring for your attention, hoping to throw your life out of focus? Do you wish today had forty-eight hours? Focus is important when it comes to accomplishing today’s events.

Martha was a whirl of activities. She wanted to make an impression on Jesus. Did the house look nice? Was the table set perfectly? Was the food delicious? She was so busy she didn’t have time for her guest... Jesus! She was angry because Mary was doing what she wished she could be doing.

Friends, don’t let your calendar get so filled, you life so hectic, that you lose focus on what’s most important. Today, only one thing is needed. Jesus!

Dear Father, don’t let my day become so blurred by business that I lose my focus on what really matters. Help me keep my eyes on Jesus. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
- BEN MERENESS, Amarillo, Texas