Power for Today

“They only asked us to remember.” (Galatians 2:10, NAS)

One thing I adore about Paul’s writing style is that he couldn’t write but a few sentences without making a list. Lists help us remember. I have often told folks the reason they don’t remember is that they didn’t “member” in the first place. Catalogs/lists are fantastic mind joggers. Consider one of Paul’s:

1) Esteem/appreciate your spiritual instructors and overseers. 2) Admonish the unruly. 3) Encourage the faint-hearted. 4) Help the weak. 5) Be patient with folk. 6) Don’t repay evil for evil. 7) Seek after each other’s best interests. 8) Always rejoice. 9) Never stop praying. 10) Don’t quench the Spirit of God. 11) Don’t hate God’s messages. 12) Maintain a critical eye. 13) Embrace the good and hold on tight. 14) Don’t even look like you are thinking about maybe even toying with the idea that you just might do something wrong!

Don’t you just love ‘em? Lists I mean. Grocery lists. Honeydo lists. First things first lists. They help us stay organized. Idea! Next time you come to one of Paul’s lists (and often he lists bad things to avoid), highlight them. They are there to remind us to remember!

Holy Father, Who desires to tap our minds with memories of Your Holy Word, may we be better students of the truth that is able to set us free. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
- STEVEN CLARK GOAD, Blythe, California