Power for Today

Once...But Now

V: Today’s Power for Today reading talks about how clean things can be when they are cleaned by the blood of the Lamb.
D: Yes. And the comparison the author makes is with the New York City Grand Central Terminal.
V: A “Terminal” is a station. The railroad station there had become “filthy” or very dirty through the years.
D: The “renovation” or renewal project took the city about two years to finish.
V: The station had been collecting “soot”(which means black dust), and “grime”(just plain dirt) for nearly 85 years.
D: Can you imagine how I would look if I didn’t take a bath for 85 years?
V: I don’t want to think about it.
D: The renovation was actually on the main “concourse” or main floor of the station.
V: The author says that the most “striking” part (which means the most amazing part) was the “scrubbing” or thorough cleansing of the interior.
D: Right. And now after 85 years, visitors to the station can see the beautiful and “breathtaking” painting of stars on the ceiling.
V: The lesson for us is to look at the cross and realize how much we have been cleansed.
D: Right. It is only by the sacrifice of Jesus that we could have our sins washed away.
V: So, we remember how we once were, and now how we are.
D: I’d like to see the Grand Central Terminal sometime.
V: But first, you’d better get to work. Have a good one.
D: You too.