Power for Today

Be Prepared

V: Are you prepared?
D: Am I prepared for what?
V: Are you prepared for anything? That is the topic of today’s Power for Today.
D: Actually, I don’t know if I am prepared for anything.
V: The author talks about the explosion of airline flight TWA 800 a couple of years ago.
D: I remember that tragedy.
V: He says that the lives of hundreds of people came to an end in a “tangled heap” or a twisted pile at the bottom of the ocean.
D: He also quotes a popular “slogan” or proverb about life that says, “life is what happens while you are making other plans.
V: How true that is. I had planned something else for my life, and then I met you.
D: Well, that turned out okay, didn’t it?
V: Absolutely. The author also says that we are “sobered” for a few moments. What do you think that means?
D: He is saying that when we hear about someone dying, we think “sobering” or very serious thoughts for a few minutes.
V: Right. But then in just a short while, life returns to “routine normalcy” or everyday, normal life again.
D: I think the author is trying to help us think sobering thoughts a little longer.
V: And maybe he wants us to always be prepared for whatever happens to us.
D: That is because no one knows the time when life will end.
V: Wow! That is a sobering, but important thought for today. Have a good one.