Power for Today

I Have Purpose

D: Vicki, wake up.
V: Is it morning already?
D: Sure. And today is your birthday!!
V: I had almost forgotten that.
D: Let’s look at Power for Today together.
V: What is this morning’s about?
D: The author says that everything has a purpose.
V: He’s right. Does he have any examples?
D: He begins by talking about his “crescent” wrench. You know what a “crescent” wrench is, don’t you?
V: Well. It is a tool used to tighten something. The “crescent” (or half moon shape) can be adjusted to make it tighter.
D: Wow. You impress me. Anyway, someone used his wrench as a hammer, and now it doesn’t work.
V: So things should be used according to their purpose.
D: That’s his point. He then asks what is the purpose of a person.
V: Good question. I think some people don’t know the answer.
D: Right. The author says that some people are used like tools or toys or “stepping stones.”
V: I know. People walk on stepping stones to get to somewhere else.
D: And sometimes people use other people in the same way.
V: I’m glad that the Lord tells us the real purpose of a person.
D: Me too. We’re to love God and the serve Him joyfully. Well, almost time to go.
V: Already? God bless your day. What time is my party?