Power for Today

Trust and Obey

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Psalm 37 is a favorite Psalm of many people.
D: You're right. This morning's Power for Today author writes about it too.
V: What does she say?
D: She says that the author of the Psalms (or the Psalmist) makes some bold promises.
V: Yes, there are lots of them in this great Psalm.
D: At the same time though, the Psalmist does not promise a life of ease" (or an easy life).
V: I think that Christians have difficult times, just like anybody else.
D: But the big difference is that there will be blessings with the hard times.
V: How does the author describe this?
D: She says that the "storehouses" will open.
V: A "storehouse" is a special building for keeping things.
D: Right. And God is storing lots of blessings, and will give them to us when we need them.
V: Are blessings only given to us to take care of our needs?
D: No. The Psalmist also says that sometimes blessings are given as rewards for trusting and obeying the Lord.
V: I think that some people want the Lord to bless them all the time.
D: That would be nice, but that is not a promise that the Lord has given to us.
V: Yes. Just following the Lord is a joy by itself.
D: In the author's words, "What an awesome God we serve!" God bless your day.
V: Yours too!