Power for Today

Walking with God Today

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Do you always know what God wants you to do?
D: Not always. Sometimes I wish God would show me a direct sign, and then I would know.
V: This mornings Power for Today author talks about this feeling that most of us have.
D: Well, she says that Israel was like a “toddler” (or small child) holding on to the finger of God “for dear life”.
V: Thats an interesting picture. The phrase “for dear life” means that the child is very frightened, and hangs on to the Father to stay alive.
D: Right. She says that the Father then “stoops down” (or bends over) and consoles the child. So He is leading His people all along the way.
V: I think I understand the point. God is always leading us and watching us, even when we may not know that He is there.
D: Yes. And if we keep looking for some visible, direct sign, we might “miss out” (or not find) the greater blessings.
V: What is the greater blessing?
D: It is His Holy Spirit, which he gives to us to provide inner peace and comfort.
V: The last section of the reading is a poem written in older English.
D: And also as a poem, it has an interesting style.
V: Yes. The first line says, “Who learn of Thee, the truth shall find.” Can you understand this sentence? And what about “with reverence crown the ernest mind”?
D: Sure. It means, people will find the truth when they learn from the Lord; and it means that the Lord will place a crown on the head of those who truly seek him “earnestly” (or seriously).
V: How can you think so well so early in the morning? Anyway, have to run. Have a good one.
D: You too.