Power for Today

God Is Our Refuge

V:  Good morning, Don.
D:  Good morning, Vicki.
V:  This morning's Power for Today is about a married couple with strong faith.
D:  What do you mean?
V:  Well, in the middle of a family crisis, their faith remained strong.
D:  What happened?
V:  The husband had a serious "stroke."
D:  A "stroke" happens when a blood vessel in the brain breaks.
V:  Right.  When it's a serious stroke, part of the body is paralyzed, and cannot move.
D:  Was this stroke a serious one?
V:  Yes.  The author says that the husband had paralysis on the left side of his body.
D:  That is too bad.  Paralysis is one of the worst things that can happen to the body.
V:  The author says "at that moment the present collided with our plans for the future."
D: What do you think she means by that?
V:  She is saying that when her husband had his stroke, everything that they had planned for their future was hit by the awful moment of the present.
D:  For some couples, this event could make them lose their faith.
V:  Yes.  But the author says that her husband's "dedication to life as God's faithful servant remains steadfast" (or unshaken).
D:  So, probably this "steadfast" faith of the husband helped the wife to have strong faith too.
V:  You're right. So for now, she says that her husband is "retraining" and "rejuvenating" (or reviving) his muscles.
D:  I think we can learn a lot from a couple like this.
V:  We can learn that any day can still be a good day.  Enjoy yours.  See you tonight.