Power for Today

New Birth Begins My Spiritual Journey

D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Good morning, Don.
D: This morning's Power for Today author asks us to think about the time we were "immersed" or baptized into Jesus.
V: He asks if there were any "bells and whistles."
D: "Bell and whistles" is an expression that means extraordinary things.
V: I remember the joyful feeling of being cleansed of all my sins. But I did not see any special lights or hear voices.
D: When Jesus was baptized, I guess we can say that there was "bells and whistles."
V: Right. The spirit of God came down on Jesus in the form of a "dove" (a small white bird).
D: And then there was the very voice of God which "thundered" (or shouted) from heaven.
V: No matter what our own baptism may feel like, God has promised us forgiveness and the gift of His Holy Spirit.
D: The author says that the Spirit "verifies" (or confirms) my salvation, and it is something that also "validates" (or recognizes as valid or true) the fact that I am his disciple (or follower).
V: The Lord has promised us a lot, hasn't he?
D: The author also warns us the devil will try to test us.
V: Right. After our spiritual birth we are "vulnerable" (or in danger).
D: But we should not worry too much if we use the weapons that God has give to us.
V: Finally the author says that the devil's testing will be daily.
D: So, let's be careful today as God gives us weapons and helps us discover victory.
V: I know you'll have a good one.
D: And you will too.