Power for Today

Are You Going to Walk Away?

Vicki: Good morning, Don.
Don: Good morning, Vicki.
Vicki: Do you remember our friend Glen Aus from Oregon?
Don: Yes, why?
Vicki: Well, Glen wrote today's Power for Today.
Don: Really, what is it about?
Vicki: It is called "Are You Going to Walk Away?"
Don: Glen talks about when he met the "birth mother" of the child he and his wife would be adopting someday.
Vicki: "Birth mother" is a term used by adoption agencies to mean the natural mother of the child, not the adopting mother.
Don: The author says that the birth mother asked them an interesting question.
Vicki: Yes. She asked, "Are you going to walk away if there is something wrong with the baby?"
Don: In other words, if after the birth of the baby and there is something wrong with it, will Glen and his wife change their minds about the baby and decide they do not want it.
Vicki: Well, Glen promised the birth mother that they would not walk away.
Don: Right. He even told her than this adoption was not an "adoption of convenience."
Vicki: That meant that they would stay with the new baby whether it was easy for them or not.
Don: The author says that in the adoption process they were committing themselves to the unknown.
Vicki: But when we commit our lives to Jesus we are committing ourselves to what is known.
Don: And so we know that today we will have a good one.
Vicki: You too.