Power for Today

Live by the Spirit

Don: Good morning, Vicki.
Vicki: Good morning, Don.
Don: Do you want to be happy?
Vicki: Sure I do. Why do you ask?
Don: Today's Power for Today tells people how to be happy.
Vicki: The advice the author gives is not the advice the world usually gives.
Don: Right. The world usually says that following the will of God is too difficult.
Vicki: The author reminds us of the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 12. Paul says there, "Do not conform" or try to match your life "with the world."
Don: Instead, we need to be "transformed by the renewal of our mind."
Vicki: Can you put that into other words?
Don: Well, in other words, we should not think like the world thinks. We should allow our lives to be changed by letting God make our minds and our hearts new.
Vicki: I could not have said it better.
Don: The author's real point, I think, is that we need to live by the Spirit of God.
Vicki: Right. It is then that we will be holy and be happy.
Don: I think you said that rather well too.
Vicki: Maybe it is easy to say, but we need God's help to do it today, don't we?
Don: Yes, we do.
Vicki: Well, have a good one.
Don: You too!