Power for Today

Worthy Is the Lamb

V: Good morning, son.
B: Good morning, mom.
V: Do you know what a "paradox" is?
B: Is it two doctors?
V: Very funny. I think you know. A 'paradox' means two ideas that are opposites.
B: But somehow these ideas go together, right?
V: Right. In fact, this morning's Power for Today author talks about a few of them.
B: What are they?
V: Well, he mentions the "victorious victim."
B: That's interesting. It means a person who has lost, and yet somehow still wins.
V: Right. Another one is a "humble conqueror."
B: That would be a person who has defeated something, and yet stays humble.
V: Exactly. The last one is interesting too a "once-slain-but-now-alive-forever-Savior."
B: Wow! That's hard to say fast. But it means "a savior who was killed, but now is alive forever."
V: Do you know why he talks about all these things?
B: I think it is to help us to understand that God can bring opposite things together.
V: Yes. The author starts by saying how difficult it must have been for John to describe heaven.
B: I think because our minds are too small to really understand it.
V: Exactly. It says it would be like an "oyster" (that tasty seafood) trying to describe a "ballerina" (or a female ballet dancer).
B: Right. You've given me some good thoughts. Well, need to run, mom. See you later!