Power for Today

The Lord's Supper

V:  Good morning, sweetheart.
D:  Good morning, Vicki.
V:  Do you ever wonder why we "partake" (or "participate in") the Lord's Supper?
D:  I know that in this special meal we remember Jesus' death for us.
V:  This morning's Power for Today author also says that it reminds us of our "covenant relationship" with Jesus.
D:  What is a "covenant relationship"?
V:  Well, a "covenant" is a promise or an agreement.  So, as we come to have relationship with Jesus, we also agree that we will continue to follow Him.
D:  I see.  Some people think that we eat the Lord's Supper to earn us "good standing" (or place us in a good position) with the Lord.
V:  But that is not what the Bible says.
D:  Also, it is not a "meritorious" work.
V:  That means that we do something to earn us, or "merit" us special favor.
D:  The author says that the Lord's Supper reminds us that His church is one body, "seamlessly unified."
V:  A "seamless" piece of clothing is clothing that has no "seams" (or visible places where it is sewn).
D:  Right.  It is a good expression to describe the unity of the Lord's people.
V:  And we are to "enrich" (or improve) that special relationship with all of the Lord's people every week.
D:   Right, the Lord's Supper is not showing our "affiliation" (or association) with only some of His people.
V:  Exactly.  Well, as usual, I wish I could spend more time here with you, Yobo.  Have a good one.
D:  You too.