Power for Today

Let Us Go Somewhere Else

D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Good morning, Don.
D: What do you do when you face a dilemma?
V: Good question.  I think I always pray.
D: Good answer.  To "face a dilemma" means to look at a difficult choice between two or more things.
V: In this morning's reading from Power for Today the author says that Jesus faced a dilemma, and solved it by praying.
D: What was His dilemma?
V: Well, He wondered if He should do the good things that people wanted Him to do, or should He do more important things that God wanted Him to do.
D: I can see how that might be difficult to choose.
V: Especially because He was always surrounded by people saying, "Help me!  Heal me!  Save me!  Rescue me!"
D: Right.  Sometimes we need to find a quiet place and be alone with God.
V: That's just what Jesus did.  The author says that Jesus sought "God's advice one-on-one."
D: When you are "one-on-one"with someone, it means that you are speaking directly with that person, and with no one else.
V: I think God likes us to speak with Him "one-on-one."
D: But sometimes people might think we are avoiding them.
V: Yes.  But at the same time, we are getting more strength so that we can be more useful to those people around us.
D: Good point.  Let's seek some "one-on-one" time with the Lord today.
V: God bless your day.
D: I think He will.  Yours too.