Power for Today

Truth or Consequences

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Do you believe in the "notions" (or ideas) of cause and effect?
D: Sure. It's very scientific. If I do something, then it will cause another action.
V: You're right. If you step in front of a moving car, you will probably get some "life-threatening" injuries.
D: A "life-threatening" injury is an injury that threatens to take away a life. So, I probably shouldn't do that.
V: This morning's Power for Today author says that from "early on" (or when we are very young), we learn that actions have "unavoidable"consequences.
D: An "unavoidable"consequence means a consequence or result that cannot be avoided. In other words, it will happen.
V: Exactly right. As today's author also says, "Sin is governed by cause and effect."
D: I think she means that sin will definitely cause certain things to happen.
V: Yes. The Bible says that the salary for sin is death.
D: But this morning's Power for Today also has some very positive ideas.
V: Right. The author says that God's grace "supercedes" (or goes beyond) our ideas of cause and effect.
D: It's because grace is "embodied in"(or found in the person of) Jesus.
V: He is the one who can remove the consequences of our sins when we unite with Him.
D: And the great news about this is that no one has to "perfect" himself or herself before they come to Christ.
V: So true. I'm glad that there is a place where the laws of cause and effect can be changed.
D: But only if we decide to follow the author of all laws. Let's think about this some more.
V: Until next time -- God bless your day.