Power for Today

The Most Romantic Verse in the Bible

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Do you know what is the most romantic verse in the Bible?
D: No. What is it?
V: Well, this morning’s Power for Today author says that it is a verse in the book of Genesis.
D: It must be the verse that talks about the love that Jacob had for Rachel.
V: Yes. Jacob had to work seven years to get Rachel, but the years seemed like only a few days because he loved her so much.
D: That kind of love would be intense or very strong.
V: Right. The author says that most people enjoy love stories.
D: He also says that the best ones are the ones that are “drawn through the angst of separation only to conclude with the lovers united.”
V: Wow! That is a difficult sentence. Can you explain it to me?
D: Well, “angst” is a German word that means “anguish” or “pain.” And to “draw” a story is another way of saying “to tell a story.”
V: Okay, I get it. So, great love stories always have two lovers experiencing the great pain of being separated, and then later they are reunited.
D: You got it. I think the author wants us to see that the greatest love of all is the love that God has for us.
V: Right. And he gave us the greatest gift, His Son Jesus.
D: The author calls the love that the Father has for us a “compelling” love.
V: “Compelling” love is a love that “compels” (or moves) us.
D: Exactly. Well, you demonstrate your love for your students by teaching them.
V: Yes, and now it’s time to go to my classroom. Have a good one.