Power for Today

A Holy Catalog

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: What’s new with you?
D: Nothing yet. But I do want to look at Power for Today with you.
V: I think we should. What is today’s reading about?
D: It is called “A Holy Catalog.”
V: The author really appreciates the many lists that the Apostle Paul puts into his letters.
D: Yes. The author says that lists help us to remember.
V: In one place he uses the slang word “member” for “remember. “ He says that the reason we don’t remember things is because we don’t “member,” or really take note of them in the first place.
D: In other words, things put into a list, as he says, become “mind joggers” or shake our minds so that we remember them.
V: The author also mentions several kinds of lists that we use nearly everyday.
D: One of these is the “honeydo list.” This is a list usually written by the wife. It is things that she wants her “honey” to “do.”
V: By the way, you haven’t finished your “honeydo” list yet.
D: I am working on it.
V: The author finally tells us to pay special attention when Paul lists things in scripture.
D: It is even helpful to “highlight” them or underline the words.
V: Well, as usual, there is a lot to do on my list today.
D: And I had better go and finish that “honeydo” list.
V: Well, have a good one.
D: You too.