Power for Today

Starting Over

V: Today is a brand new day and we can start our lives over again!
D: You’re right. And that’s the topic of this morning’s Power for Today.
V: The author says that with new beginnings we can put the past behind us with all of its “flaws” (or mistakes).
D: She says that the new year is a perfect time to “reflect on” (or think about) the past and “anticipate” (or look forward to) the future.
V: Right. Old things are replaced by new things. Or in her words, “the old moves out to make way for the new.”
D: Do you understand what she means when she says, “Many of us are inspired to reach for those lofty traits and habits that have thus far eluded us”?
V: I think I do. A “lofty trait or habit” means a good characteristic. To “reach for it” means to try to make this trait or habit a part of our lives.
D: I see. But in the past, we can’t get it because it keeps “eluding” (or escaping) our reach.
V: You got it. So we hope that in the new year, we can finally become that person we want to be.
D: What does “our efforts don't always keep up with our desires” mean?
V: An effort is an attempt to do something. So sometimes we desire to do something, or make an effort, but do not achieve what we desire.
D: I see. But the good news is that as Christians we don't have to wait for the new year.
V: Exactly. As the author says, every day can be a “fresh start” (or new beginning).
D: And you know what? We can have a fresh start today.
V: Today is a new gift from God. Let’s have a good one.