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Power for Today

Coming to Know Jesus

We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands (1 John 2:3, NIV)

WHEN OUR youngest daughter was in first grade and struggling with the new concept of graded papers, she explained, "I do my best work, but the teacher puts a different grade on it." Isn't that the way of life, figuring out what the teacher (or boss) wants and then doing it that way?
Certainly our spiritual walk is like that  figuring out what our Lord wants and then doing it. The frustration comes when I think I am doing my "best work" yet the Lord still rebukes me. He constantly urged His followers and the religious leaders (if they would listen) to a higher standard.
Am I guilty of partial obedience? Would a first grade teacher tolerate a student coloring a picture instead of writing her ABC's?
Would an employer enjoy negotiating a job description or assignment daily based on how the employee felt that day or based on what the employee wanted? Then how much more thought and practice should we give to our Lord and Master!

Father, we want to know You. Help us to put Your will above our own, to love each other, and to walk as Jesus did. We ask for wisdom, in Jesus' name. Amen.
- RITA CORNETT, Wildwood, Missouri

A Capella

A mighty Fortress is our God,

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