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Power for Today

Think Small

“Anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name . . . will certainly not lose his reward.” (Mark 9:41, NIV)

Forty years ago a full-page ad appeared, empty except for a tiny picture of a Volkswagen and the words, “THINK SMALL.”

Someone has said, “Large-scale Christianity demands large-scale Christians,” suggesting that only by thinking big will we extend lines of service, expand mission work, and make worthy contributions to our Christian professions. In our preoccupation with big things, we are apt to scorn small things.

Jesus urged us not to despise small things when He referred to a tiny mustard seed, to one lily of the field, one sparrow, one sheep, the widow’s mite - all illustrating the importance of the spirit in our service. He stressed small things like humility, kindness, good will, which are powerful things and produce big results.

We need the dreamers and planners to help us see the big picture, but the picture is still painted stroke by stroke. God gives us the big picture, yes, but when we look at it up close, we see a mosaic of small daily tasks.

We should, therefore, think small and then have big feelings of commitment, loyalty, and generosity.

Our Father, help us to keep our thinking in perspective: to value the big, important things, but to continue to appreciate the value of small things, too. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
- RAYMOND N. KEY, Katy, Texas

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