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Power for Today

Walking with God Today

“I seek you with all my heart; . . . I have hidden your word in my heart . . . I will not neglect your word.”   (Psalm 119:10, 11, 16, NIV)

In the desert, the nation of Israel was like a toddler hanging on to the heavenly Father’s finger for dear life. Imagine Almighty God stooping down to console His children (2 Samuel 22:36). He led them slowly - step by step with a cloud ahead of them in the daytime and fire at night.

If only God would give me a visible sign - like the cloud by day and fire by night - then I would know exactly which direction to take, when to go and when to stay. Wishing for this direct, physical leading in my life I may miss out on the greater blessing in Christ. He has given me His indwelling Holy Spirit for personal comfort and guidance, increasing my understanding of scripture as I stay in the Word.

Who learn of Thee the truth shall find,
Who follow, gain the goal;
With reverence crown the ernest mind,
And speak within the soul.
 - L. F. Benson 

Father, forgive me my longings for a comfort zone of spiritual immaturity. Make me hungry for the meat of Your word rather than being satisfied with elementary principles. Give me a greater understanding of Your Holy Spirit so I might trust more completely in Your presence and power in my daily walk. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.
- CAROLYN DYCUS, Abilene, Texas

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