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Power for Today

God Is Our Refuge

“My soul finds refuge in God alone ; my salvation comes from him. Heal one is my rock and my salvation: he is my fortress , I will never be shaken.” (Psalm 62:1-2, NIV)

ON JUNE 15, 2002, our Saturday morning routine of visiting the local farmer’s market and having breakfast at G.W.’s restaurant was swiftly changed when Bill had a sudden stoke. At that moment the present collided with our plans for the future.

We sought ways to cope with the resulting paralysis on Bill’s left side. Psalm 62:1-2 comforted us and echoed God’s promise of care.

We resolved that God alone would be our rock and our refuge. God would be our ever-present source of power and strength for our daily lives. We trust God’s power and through His power we have received many blessings and great inner peace.

Although Bill’s formerly very healthy body is still paralyzed, his dedication to life as God’s faithful servant remains steadfast. He is retraining and rejuvenating muscles. We look forward to God’s plan for our remaining days. God is truly our rock and our refuge.

Cast all your cares on God; that anchor holds.
― Alfred Lord Tennyson

Our dear Heavenly Father, thank You for all the blessings and comfort we have received, especially during these past months from our fellow Christian friends. Thank You for holding our family tenderly in Your hands at this time of our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
- BILL and PEGGY TEAGUE, Abilene, Texas

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