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The Most Romantic Verse in the Bible

“So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.” (Genesis 29:20, NIV)

Do you enjoy romantic movies? The ones filled with love that is drawn through the angst of separation only to conclude with the lovers united in the end to live happily ever after? If so, you should not miss the story of Jacob and Rachel.

Jacob arrives at Laban’s home, meets Rachel and falls in love with her. He agrees to work seven years for the privilege of marrying Rachel. At that point we find what I consider to be the most romantic verse in the Bible. That verse makes you feel the love that Jacob felt for Rachel. It was a love that was willing to wait. It was a love in which time did not matter. A love that made seven years seem like only a few days.

We learn that kind of love not from romance novels, movies, or television, but from God. He is the one who has taught us to love so deeply that time does not matter. He is the one who placed the capacity to love that intensely within our hearts. Through Him we learn what love truly is. We see the ultimate act of love displayed when our Father gave His Son for our salvation. We learn from His Word how to be the friends, spouses, and lovers that we should be.

Do you have the kind of love that Jacob felt for Rachel? I hope so. Yet, my fondest desire for you is to know the Father’s love, the greatest love of all - the compelling love of God.

Loving God, help us this day to be loving and kind to all that we come in contact with. In Your Son's name, we pray. Amen.
- MARK YOUNG, Norman, Oklahoma