Power for Today

A Life That Matters

V: Good morning, Don.
D: Good morning, Vicki.
V: Are you ready for this "pop quiz"?
D: Do you have a surprise little test for me?
V: Sure. Today's Power for Today begins with one. What do you know about king
D: I might not pass this quiz. I D't know a lot about him.
V: Well, that's because the "Chronicler" (the one who chronicled or wrote his life) does
not say much about him.
D: So, there is nothing positive that is written about Ahaz.
V: Right. In fact, the author "condenses" (or reduces) his sixteen years as king to just
four verses.
D: Wow! It makes you wonder how people will remember us later.
V: This is today's lesson. We should know that a life that "matters" (or has value) is not
measured by length.
D: The author says that there are many worldly standards" (or principles), but we should
try to seek God's holy way.
V: If we do this, maybe someone will write a nice "epitaph" about us.
D: An "epitaph" is usually a sentence written on one's grave to describe the person's
V: Well, I hope the epitaph about us will say that this person did what was right.
D: I agree. As usual, our time is too short in the morning. I'll see you after work.
V: Have a good one.
D: You too!