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Who May Be a Disciple?

“He said to another man, ‘Follow me’.” (Luke 9:59, NIV)

A disciple can do nothing other than follow, just as a fish can do nothing other than swim, or a gull fly. The disciple of Jesus can do nothing other than follow Him.

Who may be a disciple? The answer: anyone who will follow Jesus. Whosoever will! It is not a question of who may follow. It is the question of who will follow.

The one who follows Jesus must trust. The road is simply littered with obstacles. To follow may take one away from his home. To follow may separate one from father or mother. It may mean missing a wedding or a funeral. To follow may mean not even having time to say good bye.

Despite all the varied definitions of discipleship, one alone is important. The disciple is simply the one who follows Jesus wherever the road may lead.

I could not see where he beckoned ahead,
 but he said, “Follow!”
I complained, “I prefer here where I am instead,”
still, he insisted, “Follow!”

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. Through the name of the Son. Amen.
- THOMAS H. OLBRICHT, South Berwick, Maine

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