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Power for Today

One New Person in Christ

"What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God's faithfulness? Not at all!" (Romans 3:3, 4, NIV)

What a wonderful blessing it is to be included among the people of God! What an extraordinary, unbelievable privilege for people who were "nobodies" to become "somebodies."

 In God's eyes, there have never been more than two kinds of people in the world Jews and Gentiles. If you were not a Jew (one of God's chosen) then you were a Gentile. But the good news is that God has torn down the "Berlin Wall" that separated Jews and Gentiles. Still, there remains two kinds of people today: those who bow their knee to God in Christ (whether Jew or Gentile) and those who don't.

 God gave the Law of Moses to the Jews, but they couldn't keep it. Nobody ever could. And when many of the Jews rejected Jesus, God then opened the door to the Gentiles. Still, the Jews are special because of the promises God made to their Father. And finally, ALL who believe the good news of Jesus, Jew or Gentile, become new creatures in Christ.

 What a grand plan it was and is! If the world could understand it, wars would cease, relationships would be healed, the peace of Christ would reign. May it be so.

Holy God, we have no excuse to do evil before You. Forgive us. And strengthen us with new resolve to do Your holy will. Through Jesus. Amen.
- BILL HENEGAR, Thousand Oaks, California

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