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Power for Today

An Unseen Need

“Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” (Matthew 6:12, NIV)

IT’S A trap! But we keep falling for it: failing to forgive. We don’t examine our anger. We hide it until it boils over. We judge others and forget to look into our own hearts. David said that any sin is a sin committed against God Himself.

Why do we bear grudges over things that were not even against us?

How can we be peacemakers if we are angry?

Why do we hold a person’s past against them?

Some of the irritations that used to bother me, I now realize, were done with the best of intentions. I remind myself that if God has forgiven, I should too.

Remember that Jesus came to set us free, not only from sin, but also from the power of sin. There is a great freedom in forgiveness! No further need to waste energy on plotting and planning about how to get even. By Jesus’ power, we jus t forgive, then we move forward― free!

Nothing in this lost world bears the impress of
the Son of God so surely as forgiveness.
― Alice Cary

Lord, please help me to show Jesus in my life today. In His name. Amen.
- BRUCE D. EPLER, Wilbur, Nebraska

A Capella

My God and I

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